Great Chinese Lantern World Comes to Adeje

    Enter the world of more than 40 themed light installations including a 40-meter-long dragon, panda and flamingo gardens, a deer forest, underwater world, and many other fairy-tale creatures.

    Enjoy delicious food and drinks and let the children play in the unusual luminous playground.

    The Lantern festival is the 2000 years old Chinese tradition, celebrated from the Han Dynasty 206 BC to 221 A.D., featuring spectacular illuminated scenes from history and mythology.

    Each light object, made of thousands of meters of silk and millions of bulbs, tells a legend, bring to life fantastic creatures, animals, plants, sea world, Chinese culture, international architecture and more. The combination of ancient traditions and modern technologies has made it possible to create an extraordinary spectacular show.

    Starting on 11th February Working hours: 19:00-23:30 at FRENTE AL PARQUE EN EL GALEÓN DE ADEJE

    Tickets available HERE

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