Pets to travel on public transport in Tenerife

    Councillor Antolín Bueno, is grateful for the unanimous support and welcomes the fact that pets will soon be able to travel with their owners on buses, trams and taxis. The process will be phased in gradually over 2022 to bring the regulations into line. Bueno explains: “We have reached an agreement to change the regulations of Titsa and Metrotenerife over the course of this year so that animals can travel with the necessary measures to guarantee the safety and coexistence of users”

    The CC councillor insists that “it is necessary to promote measures that allow pets and their owners to have reasonable mobility”.  And he concludes: “We have achieved the commitment that in 2022 access will be allowed without distinction of breed or weight”. The councillor argues: “Tenerife has to establish itself as an animal-friendly island in line with Europe and this should be an added attraction for the tourists who visit us as well as those who live here”.

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