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A patera intercepted on the coast of Lanzarote with 32 immigrants and 263 kilos of hashish

Lanzarote / The Civil Guard and the National Police located at dawn on May 1, about three miles off the coast of Lanzarote, a 6-meter-long boat inside which a total of 32 immigrants and 263 kilos of hashish were traveling. .

Two men, who were supposedly skippering the boat, have been arrested for a crime against the freedom of foreign citizens. They are also accused, along with two other men, of a drug trafficking crime.

As a result of the surveillance carried out by the State Security Forces and Bodies in the territorial sea, at dawn on May 1, a dinghy was located about three miles from the coast of Lanzarote, which was later transferred to the port of Arrecife for Maritime Salvage. Officials from both bodies were then able to verify that a total of 32 immigrants were traveling inside the towed boat, 22 of whom were men, four women and six minors, who were immediately attended to by NGO personnel. In addition, it was possible to verify the presence of a total of 10 bales with hashish, which yielded a total weight of 263 kilos. The police investigations made it possible to identify two of the travelers as those allegedly in charge of patronizing the boats and making illegal trips from Morocco to Spain, charging about 2,000 euros to each migrant. On the other hand, the investigators confirmed their direct relationship, along with two other occupants of the patera, with the drug intervened in it, for which they are also charged as alleged perpetrators of another drug trafficking crime. Once the corresponding police report has been instructed, the detainees and the seized drugs have been left at the disposal of the competent Arrecife Judicial Authority, who decreed the entry into prison of the four involved. The police intervention was carried out by agents of the Costa Teguise Civil Guard and the Arrecife Police Station.

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