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Adeje offers LGBTI workshops in secondary schools

Requested by the staff, the workshops were held recently.

The Adeje council’s department of equality, under Councillor Desiderio Alonso Ruiz, has offered a series of workshops on LGBTI phobia to first and second year secondary students, at the request and with the assistance of the teaching bodies. Students talked about discrimination suffered by people in many situations, including schools, in particular those who were gay, bisexual, trans or intersexual, and the discussion also included a focus on immigration.

The students were allowed and encouraged to debate the issues and voice their feelings on schoolyard bullying in general, and the particular kind of abuse that LGBTI students can suffer and the effect that can have on their lives.

The workshops fall under the “Valores para la Convivencia” (values for social harmony) project run by the council, with the aim of building educational spaces where respect for each other is paramount, where people feel safe from discrimination regardless of their race, background or sexual or gender orientation.

“We have to work to ensure that our children can be who they are, can be free to express themselves, grow and study without fear, this is how we build a society that is free and viable”, said the councillor during the presentation of the workshops.

The workshops were led by Carlos Savoie Pérez, a nurse and social integration worker and member of the Adeje InfoSex information centre, part of the Adeje health area.

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