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Arona seals a premises after serious breaches of the prevention regulations against Covid-19

The Arona Local Police intervened last weekend in a nightclub in the Ten Bel area to close it, after detecting that a large number of people, almost a hundred, were inside it, in what is

a serious breach of the current capacity to prevent the expansion of the coronavirus pandemic.

It was not the first time. In recent months, agents of this municipal body had had to carry out various actions in this place for the same reasons.

Specifically, up to four times in two months, locating inside groups of people between forty and fifty, well above the allowed capacity, putting the health security of those present at risk and in evident unfair competition towards premises that do comply with current regulations. The fact that the place had organized a musical performance without the title that allows it, has led the City Council to order the seal. Since the declaration of the state of alarm, the Local Police of Arona has drawn up 1,869 minutes for failing to comply with the Covid-19 prevention regulations. The majority, 1,027, were notified for not using the mask or for its incorrect use, while 316 were, precisely, for not respecting the allowed capacity and 294 for breaching the curfew. Another 221 sanction proposals were for illegal meetings on public roads and issues of coexistence and 11 for smoking without meeting the conditions for it.

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