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Arrested while walking his dog without a muzzle and with a backpack full of marijuana

A 37-year-old man was stopped on a street in Adeje (Tenerife) by National Police agents because he was walking a potentially dangerous breed dog without a muzzle and was finally arrested for carrying 279 grams of marijuana in his backpack.

The agents intercepted the man on Ernesto Sartí Avenue and required a license to possess the dog, but while they were by his side they perceived "a strong smell of marijuana that came from the backpack he was carrying," the National Police reported in a release.

Inside the backpack, the agents found marijuana with a total weight of 279 grams, so they arrested the man, who had no police record, and brought him to justice accused of a crime against public health.

In addition, he has been instructed a proposal for sanction for administrative infraction of the rules that regulate the possession of potentially dangerous dogs.

The dog was handed over to a relative of the detainee.

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