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Canary Government plans to withdraw asbestos in 40 schools

The Government of the Canary Islands plans the withdrawal of asbestos in 40 schools, although the Education Counselor, Manuela Armas,states that it will be "little by little" since projects have to be drafted and the process takes time. However, it says that "none of the centres endanger children's health, because asbestos is encapsulated." So he replied in Parliament to the spokeswoman for Citizens, Vidina Espino, who demands "more speed to Education to eliminate asbestos that still exists in these forty centres of the Islands", and states that encapsulation is a technique that discourages both the Government of Spain and the European Union, hence it is incentivized "the safe withdrawal and elimination of asbestos", and advises "not to carry out the dubbing of asbestos-cement covers".

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