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Canary Islands records the first day without deaths of the last fortnight

The best news of the first day of this week, that there are no death from Covid-19, something that hasn't happened since day 4 when the pandemic began. The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands has reported that a total of 203 people have tested positive in the last 24 hours; most of them (123), in Tenerife. Attendance pressure continues to grow.

More than 60% (60.29%) of the new cases of Covid-19 in the Islands have been diagnosed in Tenerife. In the historical series, the Island brings together 21,658 cases of the 50,828 of the Archipelago; 590 more than Gran Canaria, which added on Monday, April 19, 68 positives. The rest of the amount is divided by Lanzarote and Fuerteventura (six and six).

The number of new cases contrasts with that of closed by medical discharge, which is 340. With this subtraction, assets decrease by 137 units. 4,452 people struggle to overcome the pathogen in the Archipelago.

Attendance pressure increases after five and seven patients have admitted to ICU and hospital.

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