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Cinesa reopens its theaters in El Muelle, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, closed since January

Tickets will be kept at their price of 4.90 euros at the box office and 4.50 euros on the cinema website.

The Cinesa company will reopen this Friday the cinemas it owns in the El Muelle shopping center, in the port area of ​​Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which had been closed since the beginning of January.

In a statement, the company recalls that, before its commercial reopening, the El Muelle theaters have hosted the screenings of the latest edition of the city's International Film Festival.

In this way, Cinesa already has its two complexes in operation in the capital of Gran Canaria: the Siete Palmas shopping center, operating since February 5, and the El Muelle shopping center.

For the reopening weekend, the Cinesa El Muelle billboard will feature, among others, family films such as Tom and Jerry , the latest film premieres, such as the thriller Godzilla vs. Kong , the video game adaptation to the big screen Mortal Kombat or the anime film Guardians of the Night . During the rest of the month, new films will be incorporated, according to the weekly premieres in Spain

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