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Flights increase between UK and Spain

As part of England’s so-called “Freedom Day,” which saw all remaining coronavirus restrictions lifted by the government on Monday, July 19, fully vaccinated tourists returning from Spain will no longer have to quarantine for 10 days. The relaxation of these travel restrictions, which have also been implemented by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, has seen a 400% spike in flight bookings from the United Kingdom – a fivefold increase since the announcement was made that the rules were due to be changed. Spanish flight authority AENA has calculated that flights from the UK have tripled in number since last week.

There were 489 flights between Spain and the United Kingdom programmed for Monday, three times more than a week ago – on July 12 there were just 152 flights

Ryanair, which offers 144 routes between the UK and Spain, will add more capacity in July, August and September for the most popular destinations. Currently it is operating at 80% of its capacity compared to pre-pandemic levels.

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