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Government resigned to losing British travellers this summer

The Government of the Canary Islands is not resigned to losing this summer to British travellers, the main customers of its tourism sector, and asks London to value the health data of the islands apart from those of the rest of Spain, without excluding it because "other communities are worse”.

The President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres,stressed on Monday that the decision of the United Kingdom to continue demanding a quarantine on his return to any citizen who travels on holiday to Spain is due to the epidemiological data of the whole country.

"I demand that the Canary Islands be separated from the rest of the Spanish territory (in the epidemiological assessment necessary to enter the so-called "green list" of safe destinations), because it has a much better cumulative incidence. We do not have to be excluded because other communities are in a worse situation than the Canary Islands, communities that depend less on tourism than we do, "said Torres, in statements to journalists.

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