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La Palma Facilities Upgrade

La Palma Airport will adapt its facilities to be able to incorporate more advanced hold baggage inspection machines into the baggage handling system, in order to adapt to the regulatory changes established by the EU on this matter. The action of the palmero airport has been awarded in the same lot next to the airports of Santiago and Valencia for 12 million euros to the temporary union of companies Cemosa-Leonardo SPA.

This is a major action, since the new inspection equipment that must be located within the facilities and integrated with the baggage handling system, the so-called standard EDS 3, are machines of greater dimensions and weight than the current ones. On the other hand, it will be necessary to adapt the operating rooms of the inspection and baggage handling systems. Once this action is completed, the current hold baggage security inspection equipment will be changed to standard EDS 3 equipment. Standard EDS 3 machines offer greater detection capabilities, having Computed Tomography, an advanced technology similar to CT scans for medical use, which allows a better inspection and brings more fluidity to the process.

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