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No trace of sulphur dioxide from the Caribbean volcano on the summits of Tenerife

Neither sulfur dioxide (SO2) nor ash has been detected from the Caribbean volcano La Soufrière, which erupted last weekend after more than 40 years of inactivity, at the summits of Tenerife, for the moment, as claimed by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) in Izaña.

The volcanic ash cloud, since its eruption, has undertaken a journey through the Atlantic to the east, as Aemet pointed out through its social networks, therefore, in coordination with the VAAC ( Volcanic Ash Advisory Center ), is pending the possible impact on its area of ​​aeronautical responsibility in the Canary Islands.

ulfur dioxide is a colorless and irritating gas. It can cause shortness of breath, airway inflammation, and other harmful health effects cited by the Institute for Geoenvironmental Health.

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