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Relaxation of Paperwork for Residents to enter Spain

Spain has confirmed to the British government that UK nationals legally residing in Spain before the start of this year can again enter the country even if they didn’t have a Registro and don’t yet have a final TIE. Now, residents can enter Spain with any of the following documents to prove their residence status:

  • Registro

  • receipt of application for the TIE (Resgaurdo de presentación de la solicitud de la tarjeta de residencia)

  • confirmation of acceptance of residence registration (Resolución favorable por la que se concede la tarjeta de residencia)

  • any other documents that credibly evidence legal residence before 1 January 2021 such as an Empadronamiento, contract of employment, rental contract or Escritura

  • for students, documentation that shows enrolment in an on-site or presencial course plus proof of accommodation

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